• Futher into online safety with
    DSBrowser Integrated VPN !

    Enjoy all you expect From a VPN service ...

    Encrypt all the Internet-based communications of your computer : surf, email, VoIP, P2P, games...
    Protect yourself from hakers and snoopers
    Keep your bank accounts, user codes, and passwords safe
    Watch Television from abroad
    Bypass censorship and access any blocked content
    Enjoy anonymous download and anonymous encrypted streaming

    ... and what no other VPN can offer you !

    DSBrowser Navigator

    Surf the Internet safely

    Manage your anonymous connections

    Short-circuit keylogger with DSBrowser virtual keyboards

    Eliminates all traces of your browsing with
    the secure erase function

    Block advertising

    Prevent infection of your computer by malwares

    Bypass VPN blocking
    by using our secured proxies

    Be nomadic on Windows or Mac thanks

    to the DSBrowser USB key

    Integrated VPN DSBrowser

    Encrypted Tunnel + Browser + Cloud
    100% French

    DSBrowser Secured Cloud

    Safe your critical URLs, user codes, and
    passwords !

    Stores your pictures, private videos, and
    officials documents ine the secured Cloud

    All your data is encrypted in DSBrowser secured cloud, undecipherable without any authorisation

    Share your documents without leaving the encrypted univers of DSBrowser

    None of your data is stored in USA

    DSBrowser, much more than a VPN !

    Thanks to our integrated VPN, we are the only one that offer you
    full protection for your connection and your data

    Unique design and intuitive ergonomy

    A dashboard tab to manage your Anonymous & Invisible browsing options

    Fast browsing speed as we don't collect anything from your sessions !

    100% french proprietarytechnology independant from the US

    Service available wherever you are.

    Some states block VNP access, override blocking by tuning your Anonymous & Invisible browsing options !

    An integrated solution that protects you at all stages of your sessions. Because online safety goes far beyond what a VPN can do !

    A browser designed to protect your computer from phishing, user codes theft and unwanted software.

    A secured cloud dedicated to the protection of your data, available of all times
    Your data is not vulnerable anymore to a crash or theft of your computer.

    Custom manage sharing rights and permissions for your documents.

    Nomadic an d safe thnks to the security DSBrowser key.

    Access from any comuter anyware to your safe DSBrowser computing environment.

    Double level Authentification : your safety goes well beyond the classic login/password !