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== DSBrowser Version 4.0.3 ==  
== DSBrowser Version 4.0.3 ==  

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DSBrowser Version 4.0.3

- Mise à jour du certificat de sécurité de l'installateur DSBrowser.

- Icône Oeil fermé/ouvert pour la prévisualisation des documents.

- Intégration de l'icône Corbeille et de sa gestion comprenant : la visualition des dossiers et des documents supprimés par l'utilisateur dans le cloud, la remise à disposition ou la suppression définitive de tout ou partie du contenu dela corbeille.

DSBrowser Version 4.0.1 (Major)

- SURF: New DSbrowser OS windows & OS mac faster incorporating the latest technologies for better use.

- SURF: DSBrowser client parameter window with Tool key icon in surf bar.

- SURF: Import a custom background image behind the adjustable and stretchable thumbnails.

- SURF: Re-customization of DSBrowser default colors.

- SURF: Thiner surf bar to optimize viewing space.

- SURF: Selection of the default Search Engine from a default list.

- SURF: Improved thumbnails.

- SURF: New shortcut key 'F11' to commute in full screen mode of the web pages.

- SURF: Reorganization of thumbnails

- SURF: New shortcut key 'CTRL F' for the search of text in the full web page.

- SURF: Memorization of the last open tabs and re-display when DSBrowser is relaunched.

- SURF: Customized move of all tabs and automatically reopened when DSBrowser is relaunched.

- CLOUD: preview panel for images and pdf documents.

- CLOUD: Redesign of DSBrowser default colors

- CLOUD: New warning message before the archiving manually.

- DASHBOARD / MY COMMUNITY: administration table for managing client users and dedicated packages

- DASHBOARD / MY NAVIGATION: Management of cookies.

- DASHBOARD / MY PROFILE: New Interface customization.

DSBrowser Version 3.5.1

- Update OpenSSL to version 1.0.2q.

- Integration of the new security certificate for the encrypted DSBrowser tunnel

- Saving selected zoom and sort criteria. Recover with the next launch of DSBrowser.

- Integration of the zoom on a folder, to display its content in the left pannel. Arrows allow to return the parent folder in the cloud.

- Integration of the breadcrumb fonction allowing the copy of a link on a document or a file received by email in the navigation bar of the cloud in order to access it directly.

- Keep history and follow-up of all actions performed in the administration board.

DSBrowser Version 3.4.5

- Update OpenSSL to version 1.0.2p.

- Integration of the new security certificate for the encrypted DSBrowser tunnel

- Integration of the QR Check function when signing a pdf document and archiving it.

- Automatic presentation of the original document with QR code in a web interface when flashing its paper version by smartphone

- Integration of RGPD management.

DSBrowser Version 3.3.0

- Security update to the latest version of OpenSSL in version 1.0.2o.

- Integration of the new security certificate for the encrypted DSBrowser tunnel

- Integration of a new DSBrowser pdf-viewer displaying the electronic signature

Bug fixed :

- 100% printing - full page of pdf documents from the cloud (portrait or landscape format)

DSBrowser Version 3.2.1

- Security update to the latest version of OpenSSL in version 1.0.2n.

- Improved permissions assignment performance

- DSBrowser pdf viewer updated

Bug fixed :

- Spectrum (variant 1 and 2) and Meltdown patches on all infrastructures

DSBrowser Version 3.1.5

Bug fixed :

- Loading Cloud blocked when launching DSBrowser during first activation

- Crash when detecting USB support for dual authentication under MacOS version 10.12.x (Sierra)

DSBrowser Version 3.1.1

- Improved cloud loading performance

DSBrowser Version 3.0.98

- Management of the digital signature with electronic certificate (EIDAS Europe standard - AC 1 Star France) active for any holder of an AGILE package

- Evolution of Operating System : Portability MAC OSX Sierra 10.12 (Mac OSX versions <t 10.10 are no longer maintained) and Windows 10 and higher.

- Security update to the latest version of OpenSSL in version 1.0.2l.

- Updating the pdf viewer DSBrowser

Correction :

- Remove of the systematic synchronization of a file with the Cloud at the launch of DSBrowser

DSBrowser Version 3.0.96

- Right-click option to print one or more pdf and txt documents.

- Search by date of folder or documents (dd / mm / yyyy)

- Managment of documents synchronization. When editing a document in the DSBrowser Cloud, it is automatically updated as soon as "save" is made from the computer editor (word, Excel, or other). Usable for all file types.

-A document is locked in read mode when it is already being modified by another user. (synchronizaton mode)

- Timestamp of universal time normalization on all servers.

- Updated to the latest version of OpenSSL in version 1.0.2k.

- Check box to display the password when it is changed in profile.

- Move attachments of an email from Outlook directly to the DSBrowser Cloud. (Windows only)

- Updated to the latest version of the pdf viewer DSBrowser

Bug fixed :

- only one contact is viewed instead of all contacts in the community group (DSBrowserPro)

DSBrowser Version 3.0.93

- Metadata system Redesign (metadata creation window and click right metadata window) , integration of default metadata (login, password) and custom metadata usable on web URL and all types of documents (copy / paste , drag / drop).

DSBrowser Version 3.0.89

- Update OpenSSL to 1.0.2j (OpenSSL Security Advisory (26 September 2016))

- Add a confirmation dialog when deleting one or multiple documents in the cloud.

DSBrowser Version 3.0.88

- Update OpenSSL to 1.0.2h (OpenSSL Security Advisory (3rd May 2016))

DSBrowser Version 3.0.85

New features:

- Refactor permission system (Permission per user, new permission dialog, share folders with yellow icon, etc.)

Possibility to print every PDFs and texts files from a cloud folder in one action.

Add a new menu to expand/collapse all sub folders in a cloud folder.

- Research in cloud can now include folder only and meta-data.

Bug fixed:

- Improve integrated PDF reader.

- Update OpenSSL to 1.0.2g (OpenSSL Security Advisory (1st March 2016))

DSBrowser Version 3.0.81

New features:

- Official support for Windows 10 and Mac OS 10.11 (El Capitan).

- Add a dashboard option to block JavaScript.

- Security level now takes into account JavaScript blocking and VPN use.

Bug fixed:

- Correct a problem with double authentication (USB) on Mac OS 10.10 (Yosemite) and Mac OS 10.11 (El Capitan).

- Improve file encryption from Cloud on server side (AES256-CBC-PKCS7) with a strong encrypted key of 32 bytes.

- Improve integrated PDF reader.

- Update OpenSSL to 1.0.2e (OpenSSL Security Advisory (4 Dec 2015))

DSBrowser Version 3.0.80

New features:

- New waiting list while uploading your files to the cloud.

- E-mails sent to users in HTML format.

- Dialog to bypass unvalids certificats for websites.

- Zoom web pages with Ctrl "+", Ctrl "-" and Ctrl "0" & Ctrl "=" for mac.

Bug fixed:

- Improvement of cloud loading speed on startup.

- Improvement of files remove/move in cloud.

- Update OpenSSL to 1.0.2d (OpenSSL Security Advisory (9 Jul 2015))

DSBrowser Version 3.0.75

New features:

- New DSBrowser website (https://www.dsbrowser.com/), download directly DSBrowser FREE without sign-in on website and order easly DSBrowser Agile.

- Integrate package renew in dashboard (link with DSBrowser.com account and automatic connection).

- Installation directory movable/renamable.

Bug fixed:

- Unable to update DSBrowser from a USB key on a different computer from the one used for installation.

- Update OpenSSL to 1.0.2c (OpenSSL Security Advisory (11 Jun 2015))

DSBrowser Version 3.0.69

List of updates from 3.0.65 to 3.0.69

New features:

- Go further in security with the DSBrowser integrated VPN (new tab in Dashboard) thanks to uncrypted tunnel for all internet applications of the computer (mail, VoIP, P2P, games...)

- Manage disconnection and reconnection without closing DSBrowser

- Possibilité to sponsor your friends and win some Unlimited Agile pack

- Metadata dialog floating and usable in Surf tab

- Virtual keyboard, shortcut on F1

Bug fixed:

- Download files from internet was deleted when closing DSBrowser

- User could run two instancers of DSBrowser from two different installations (not permitted)

DSBrowser Version 3.0.65 (minor)

List of updates from 3.0.64 to 3.0.65

Bug fixed:

- Unable to open an application session with an empty cloud

DSBrowser Version 3.0.64 (minor)

List of updates from 3.0.63 to 3.0.64

Bug fixed:

- Application resize issue after doing a cloud transfert

- Printing in PDF viewer not working properly

- Wrong thumbnail display when package expired

DSBrowser Version 3.0.63

List of updates from 3.0.46 to 3.0.63

New features:

- New startup screen, simplified with a better user exeperience

- New slider in the dashboard to present new features in DSBrowser, tips, etc.

- Update DSBrowser installer, translation in French

- Support Retina display (Mac)

- Add an e-mail verification after activation or change to access shared cloud

- Give the ability to close an existing connection from a remote computer

Bug fixed:

- Correct a problem while downloading attached files from Yahoo mailboxes

- Package now start at activation / connection date instead of buying date

- Replace ZIP installer for DMG (Mac)

- Update certificates and terms of use for new name DSBrowser

- Update OpenSSL to 1.0.2a (OpenSSL Security Advisory (19 March 2015))

DSBrowser Version 3.0.46

List of updates from 3.0.42 to 3.0.46

New features:

- Internationalize invisibility and anonymous options on servers around the world

- Add the ability to select country in dashboard

- Display the count/number of sub folder, documents and url on folder detail

- Set by defaut "off" on email notification

- Start a new package at the next login

- Try to keep alive the socket connection from limited internet connection

- Deploy Proxy server

- Activate Java (windows)

- Allow user to paste file in DSBrowser after coyping from explorer/finder

Bug fixed:

- Display pdf document from Internet with Adobe reader (windows)

- Customer support for sites : cliquable map vivitek.fr and java on linebourse.com

- Save an image doesn't work anymore on Surf

- Instant erase on surf bar can be cancelled with specific sequence

- When AGILE package expired Icon option remains actives

- No active pad for keing access code on BNP paribas - no identification filed on www.boursedirect.fr

- Erreur : la connexion n'est pas fiable - Test on Access to ccc berlin

- Contextual menu open with touchpad sometimes close automaticaly

- A video from "Spiegel.de" web site does not work - valid for other sites using the same video broadcast principle

- Check boxes integrated in web pages do not work on Windows

- Video with flash plugin display on other pages (overlay - windows)