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- Optimization of cloud load times by selecting folders to load or not to load at the next launch.
- Optimization of cloud load times by selecting folders to load or not to load at the next launch.
- Possibilité de charger des dossiers dans le cloud en cours d'utilisation.
- Ability to upload folders to the cloud in use.
- Les noms des dossiers non chargés dans le cloud sont affichés en rouge.
- Les noms des dossiers non chargés dans le cloud sont affichés en rouge.

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DSBrowser Version 4.3.3

- Optimization of cloud load times by selecting folders to load or not to load at the next launch.

- Ability to upload folders to the cloud in use.

- Les noms des dossiers non chargés dans le cloud sont affichés en rouge.

DSBrowser Version 4.1.4

- New management of the Cloud Interface including control panel for document upload / download.

- Optimization of application loading times, refreshing of the cloud interface, searches and trash management.

Correction :

- A deleted shared document was visible only in the owner's recycle bin.

DSBrowser Version 4.0.3

- Update the security certificate of the DSBrowser installer.

- Eye icon closed / open for previewing documents.

- Integration of the Recycle Bin icon and its management including: visualization of folders and documents deleted by the user in the cloud, the restoration or definitive deletion of all or part of the contents of the recycle bin.

DSBrowser Version 4.0.1 (Major)

- SURF: New DSbrowser OS windows & OS mac faster incorporating the latest technologies for better use.

- SURF: DSBrowser client parameter window with Tool key icon in surf bar.

- SURF: Import a custom background image behind the adjustable and stretchable thumbnails.

- SURF: Re-customization of DSBrowser default colors.

- SURF: Thiner surf bar to optimize viewing space.

- SURF: Selection of the default Search Engine from a default list.

- SURF: Improved thumbnails.

- SURF: New shortcut key 'F11' to commute in full screen mode of the web pages.

- SURF: Reorganization of thumbnails

- SURF: New shortcut key 'CTRL F' for the search of text in the full web page.

- SURF: Memorization of the last open tabs and re-display when DSBrowser is relaunched.

- SURF: Customized move of all tabs and automatically reopened when DSBrowser is relaunched.

- CLOUD: preview panel for images and pdf documents.

- CLOUD: Redesign of DSBrowser default colors

- CLOUD: New warning message before the archiving manually.

- DASHBOARD / MY COMMUNITY: administration table for managing client users and dedicated packages

- DASHBOARD / MY NAVIGATION: Management of cookies.

- DASHBOARD / MY PROFILE: New Interface customization.

DSBrowser Version 3.5.1

- Update OpenSSL to version 1.0.2q.

- Integration of the new security certificate for the encrypted DSBrowser tunnel

- Saving selected zoom and sort criteria. Recover with the next launch of DSBrowser.

- Integration of the zoom on a folder, to display its content in the left pannel. Arrows allow to return the parent folder in the cloud.

- Integration of the breadcrumb fonction allowing the copy of a link on a document or a file received by email in the navigation bar of the cloud in order to access it directly.

- Keep history and follow-up of all actions performed in the administration board.

DSBrowser Version 3.4.5

- Update OpenSSL to version 1.0.2p.

- Integration of the new security certificate for the encrypted DSBrowser tunnel

- Integration of the QR Check function when signing a pdf document and archiving it.

- Automatic presentation of the original document with QR code in a web interface when flashing its paper version by smartphone

- Integration of RGPD management.

DSBrowser Version 3.3.0

- Security update to the latest version of OpenSSL in version 1.0.2o.

- Integration of the new security certificate for the encrypted DSBrowser tunnel

- Integration of a new DSBrowser pdf-viewer displaying the electronic signature

Bug fixed :

- 100% printing - full page of pdf documents from the cloud (portrait or landscape format)

DSBrowser Version 3.2.1

- Security update to the latest version of OpenSSL in version 1.0.2n.

- Improved permissions assignment performance

- DSBrowser pdf viewer updated

Bug fixed :

- Spectrum (variant 1 and 2) and Meltdown patches on all infrastructures

DSBrowser Version 3.1.5

Bug fixed :

- Loading Cloud blocked when launching DSBrowser during first activation

- Crash when detecting USB support for dual authentication under MacOS version 10.12.x (Sierra)

DSBrowser Version 3.1.1

- Improved cloud loading performance

DSBrowser Version 3.0.98

- Management of the digital signature with electronic certificate (EIDAS Europe standard - AC 1 Star France) active for any holder of an AGILE package

- Evolution of Operating System : Portability MAC OSX Sierra 10.12 (Mac OSX versions <t 10.10 are no longer maintained) and Windows 10 and higher.

- Security update to the latest version of OpenSSL in version 1.0.2l.

- Updating the pdf viewer DSBrowser

Correction :

- Remove of the systematic synchronization of a file with the Cloud at the launch of DSBrowser

DSBrowser Version 3.0.96

- Right-click option to print one or more pdf and txt documents.

- Search by date of folder or documents (dd / mm / yyyy)

- Managment of documents synchronization. When editing a document in the DSBrowser Cloud, it is automatically updated as soon as "save" is made from the computer editor (word, Excel, or other). Usable for all file types.

-A document is locked in read mode when it is already being modified by another user. (synchronizaton mode)

- Timestamp of universal time normalization on all servers.

- Updated to the latest version of OpenSSL in version 1.0.2k.

- Check box to display the password when it is changed in profile.

- Move attachments of an email from Outlook directly to the DSBrowser Cloud. (Windows only)

- Updated to the latest version of the pdf viewer DSBrowser

Bug fixed :

- only one contact is viewed instead of all contacts in the community group (DSBrowserPro)

DSBrowser Version 3.0.93

- Metadata system Redesign (metadata creation window and click right metadata window) , integration of default metadata (login, password) and custom metadata usable on web URL and all types of documents (copy / paste , drag / drop).

DSBrowser Version 3.0.89

- Update OpenSSL to 1.0.2j (OpenSSL Security Advisory (26 September 2016))

- Add a confirmation dialog when deleting one or multiple documents in the cloud.

DSBrowser Version 3.0.88

- Update OpenSSL to 1.0.2h (OpenSSL Security Advisory (3rd May 2016))

DSBrowser Version 3.0.85

New features:

- Refactor permission system (Permission per user, new permission dialog, share folders with yellow icon, etc.)

Possibility to print every PDFs and texts files from a cloud folder in one action.

Add a new menu to expand/collapse all sub folders in a cloud folder.

- Research in cloud can now include folder only and meta-data.

Bug fixed:

- Improve integrated PDF reader.

- Update OpenSSL to 1.0.2g (OpenSSL Security Advisory (1st March 2016))

DSBrowser Version 3.0.81

New features:

- Official support for Windows 10 and Mac OS 10.11 (El Capitan).

- Add a dashboard option to block JavaScript.

- Security level now takes into account JavaScript blocking and VPN use.

Bug fixed:

- Correct a problem with double authentication (USB) on Mac OS 10.10 (Yosemite) and Mac OS 10.11 (El Capitan).

- Improve file encryption from Cloud on server side (AES256-CBC-PKCS7) with a strong encrypted key of 32 bytes.

- Improve integrated PDF reader.

- Update OpenSSL to 1.0.2e (OpenSSL Security Advisory (4 Dec 2015))

DSBrowser Version 3.0.80

New features:

- New waiting list while uploading your files to the cloud.

- E-mails sent to users in HTML format.

- Dialog to bypass unvalids certificats for websites.

- Zoom web pages with Ctrl "+", Ctrl "-" and Ctrl "0" & Ctrl "=" for mac.

Bug fixed:

- Improvement of cloud loading speed on startup.

- Improvement of files remove/move in cloud.

- Update OpenSSL to 1.0.2d (OpenSSL Security Advisory (9 Jul 2015))

DSBrowser Version 3.0.75

New features:

- New DSBrowser website (https://www.dsbrowser.com/), download directly DSBrowser FREE without sign-in on website and order easly DSBrowser Agile.

- Integrate package renew in dashboard (link with DSBrowser.com account and automatic connection).

- Installation directory movable/renamable.

Bug fixed:

- Unable to update DSBrowser from a USB key on a different computer from the one used for installation.

- Update OpenSSL to 1.0.2c (OpenSSL Security Advisory (11 Jun 2015))

DSBrowser Version 3.0.69

List of updates from 3.0.65 to 3.0.69

New features:

- Go further in security with the DSBrowser integrated VPN (new tab in Dashboard) thanks to uncrypted tunnel for all internet applications of the computer (mail, VoIP, P2P, games...)

- Manage disconnection and reconnection without closing DSBrowser

- Possibilité to sponsor your friends and win some Unlimited Agile pack

- Metadata dialog floating and usable in Surf tab

- Virtual keyboard, shortcut on F1

Bug fixed:

- Download files from internet was deleted when closing DSBrowser

- User could run two instancers of DSBrowser from two different installations (not permitted)

DSBrowser Version 3.0.65 (minor)

List of updates from 3.0.64 to 3.0.65

Bug fixed:

- Unable to open an application session with an empty cloud

DSBrowser Version 3.0.64 (minor)

List of updates from 3.0.63 to 3.0.64

Bug fixed:

- Application resize issue after doing a cloud transfert

- Printing in PDF viewer not working properly

- Wrong thumbnail display when package expired

DSBrowser Version 3.0.63

List of updates from 3.0.46 to 3.0.63

New features:

- New startup screen, simplified with a better user exeperience

- New slider in the dashboard to present new features in DSBrowser, tips, etc.

- Update DSBrowser installer, translation in French

- Support Retina display (Mac)

- Add an e-mail verification after activation or change to access shared cloud

- Give the ability to close an existing connection from a remote computer

Bug fixed:

- Correct a problem while downloading attached files from Yahoo mailboxes

- Package now start at activation / connection date instead of buying date

- Replace ZIP installer for DMG (Mac)

- Update certificates and terms of use for new name DSBrowser

- Update OpenSSL to 1.0.2a (OpenSSL Security Advisory (19 March 2015))

DSBrowser Version 3.0.46

List of updates from 3.0.42 to 3.0.46

New features:

- Internationalize invisibility and anonymous options on servers around the world

- Add the ability to select country in dashboard

- Display the count/number of sub folder, documents and url on folder detail

- Set by defaut "off" on email notification

- Start a new package at the next login

- Try to keep alive the socket connection from limited internet connection

- Deploy Proxy server

- Activate Java (windows)

- Allow user to paste file in DSBrowser after coyping from explorer/finder

Bug fixed:

- Display pdf document from Internet with Adobe reader (windows)

- Customer support for sites : cliquable map vivitek.fr and java on linebourse.com

- Save an image doesn't work anymore on Surf

- Instant erase on surf bar can be cancelled with specific sequence

- When AGILE package expired Icon option remains actives

- No active pad for keing access code on BNP paribas - no identification filed on www.boursedirect.fr

- Erreur : la connexion n'est pas fiable - Test on Access to ccc berlin

- Contextual menu open with touchpad sometimes close automaticaly

- A video from "Spiegel.de" web site does not work - valid for other sites using the same video broadcast principle

- Check boxes integrated in web pages do not work on Windows

- Video with flash plugin display on other pages (overlay - windows)