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All that's free online:

Free browsers, free search engines, free applications… the "no pay" model is everywhere online. All that is free is presented as being entirely advantageous for the user, but it would be naïve to think that so many advantages do not have a downside. Free does not rhyme with selfless. The systematic gathering of browser information, when it is not civil status information, allows, after reselling to e-commerce intermediaries, to activate behavioural targeting and customised marketing. The trading of your personal data represents an invasion of your privacy.

Internet browsers are the weak link when it comes to confidentiality on the web. Did you know that? The value of a search for the main search engines is the gathering of qualified information on the users, their tastes, their connections etc. It is through the browser that this gathering is done, without you knowing. The enemy is already within!

Anonymous and Invisible:

When you open your DSBrowser, the "DASHBOARD" tab allows you to choose your method of navigation, for more confidentiality and reassurance. Your IP address can be masked and one of our server addresses will appear, preventing any of the sites you visit to trace a link back to your computer and so, identify the sites you have visited during your session.

With the masking of your DSBrowser, the sites you have visited cannot record the browser linked with our servers' IP addresses. As a result the recording of all corresponding data loses its value for online analysts as they can draw no behaviourial interpretation from your navigation. Some websites refuse access to browsers or IP addresses they cannot identify: use the “Hiding browser” option and “Mask as” another browser to access those sites, while all the time not showing that you are using DSBrowser.

You can browse comfortably while masking all unwanted pop up advertising: Try going on to a site filled with ads, then go on to the same site using the DSBrowser masking system and see the difference.

At any moment during your navigation or cloud access, and systematically when you leave the application, the Secure erase option instantly and definitively deletes your downloads from internet, and all the browsing data of the current webpage.

DSBrowser VPN or DSBrowser Proxies, you choose what suits you best to manage the safety and confidentiality of your browsing.

In the AGILE packages, you can use the Anonymous and Invisible feature as much as you want. It is unlimited!


The Bandwidth (BW) is, in simple terms, the quantity of data which transits during a specific length of time when you browse online outside the cloud. This is not to be confused with the volume of content on your cloud which represents the quantity of data stored there. The use of the DSBrowser cloud and browser is not subjected to any limit of bandwidth, outside the Anonymity and Invisible options. DSBrowser FREE bandwidth limitation applies exclusively to the Anonymous and Invisible browsing.

In the AGILE package, Anonymity and Invisible browsing by Proxy and VPN is unlimited.

Browser infection:

Abnormally long downloading time, opening of multiple windows which have no relation to the site you are looking for, useless toolbars and plug-ins, never ending displays of pop-up advertising … the reason is simple: your browser is "infected"! Anti-virus software, blogs and forums offer you various means to clean your browsers… we prefer to go to the root of the problem: the DSBrowser navigator is designed to block any approaches from unwanted software. And we have no commercial reasons to accept them, because we do not sell on your browser information. Do the test on an "infected" computer where the navigation is a nightmare: insert your DSBrowser USB device (key, external hard drive, flash memory) and connect yourself online. You will find that your browser speed is normal and you will be rid of all the unwanted elements that make your life hell. 


DSBrowser, the partner that brings to your company security, traceability and control of cloud and internet connections.

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DSBrowser navigator:

We are very proud of our navigator, the spearhead of our offer! Created to block any approaches by unwanted software, the DSBrowser navigator receives all updates directly and exclusively from DSBrowser's server. It is the only point of entry to your DSBrowser Cloud. All the exchange of data between your browser and your cloud, between your browser and our servers take place in an encrypted tunnel. You will browse in a secure bubble. You also benefit from a unique "look and feel", original, elegant and reassuring with an excellent quality of image. The end of characterless browsers!

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Integrated proprietary system:

DSBrowser was created from a holistic vision of online security. Security is a chain where every link must be controlled.

At DSBrowser, we have created our own navigator, we have created our own encrypted algorithms for the exchange of data and on each server we have developed the features which allow you to make a rational use of all the items that you store. All the exchanges of data between your navigator (client, in computer talk) and our servers are carried out in a tunnel whose coding keys are exclusive to DSBrowser. Any update or maintenance is directly implemented from our servers. The DSBrowser integrated system operates so nothing is stored on the computer you are using, and that goes not only for the documents in the cloud but also includes your browser history and more importantly the installation data for your browser. We control everything remotely, and so, protect the navigation activity in your DSBrowser desktop environment. This protects you from the usual forms of online "browser infection" and the risks of data interception.

This is the result of our development which is entirely independent and 100% French.

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"A structured gathering of data aimed to supply information on electronic devices" or "A collective of technical and descriptive information added to better define documents"

Let's make this clearer.

For example, in every Word document you will find the document details and metadata such as the author, the date it was modified, the authorisations to amend; for a photo it will be the date it was taken etc. this metadata is defined and duly recorded. In your DSBrowser Cloud, you are the one who creates the metadata, you define and fill in the fields for all your stored items. These fields allow you to carry out searches and selections in your cloud, just like a normal directory base.

Smart Cloud:

The DSBrowser Cloud is not just limited to secure storage online, even if it is very safe… we also offer you the latest features, such as storage of your logins, URL links and passwords. Consequently, you just have to take the URL link in the browser's tool bar of your bank account and then click on the link to your cloud.

The use of metadata frees you to organise and file your stored data anyway you wish. You can not only carry out searches as you would on a normal directory base, on document content and URL links, but also, if you want, using criteria you have specified for each stored item.

With the DSBrowser Cloud you can share your files and documents with individual users or groups of users for any chosen length of time. That's not all: the access management allows you to choose who can access, amend or simply read documents and you can restrict access even more by giving passwords to individual documents. This is just one example of how flexible and to what extent the DSBrowser Cloud can be used.

VPN - Virtual Private Network:

The DSBrowser VPN puts in place an encrypted tunnel for every internet connection – and any internet-based software (surf, email, VoIP, P2P, games…) - from your computer, so that all data exchange while using DSBrowser VPN is anonymous and undecipherable. The tunnel includes the authentication with its DSBrowser™ certificate and use of the TLS v1.2 and AES 256 algorithm for an encryption of data.