Terms and conditions of service

The English version of the French-language “Terms and Conditions of Service” (“Conditions Générales d’Utilisation” or “CGU”) is solely provided by DSBROWSER SAS for information purposes. The “Terms and Conditions” text in its original French version is deemed to be the only legally-binding document, and as such is the sole basis upon which relations between Users and DSBROWSER SAS shall be governed.



Users of the services made available by the company DSBROWSER SAS, and visitors who access information hosted by DSBROWSER SAS agree to comply with the provisions of the following Terms and Conditions of Service (collectively Terms).

1.1 Definitions

The following definitions apply:

  • User License: License granted to a User, establishing is right to use the Software.
  • Software: all or part of the source code of computer program developed by DSBROWSER SAS and made available to the user.
  • Proof stamped: item issued by a trusted third party indicating the date and time of a certain action.
  • User: The person or entity who uses the services offered by DSBROWSER SAS who will be subjected to these Terms and agrees to abide by them.
  • Service: has the meaning set forth in article 1.3.

1.2 Users

  • Visitor means any person who visits the open area of the website of DSBROWSER SAS. The legal relationship between the Visitor and DSBROWSER SAS is set exclusively by these Terms.
  • Principal User means any person holding a right of access to the Service offered by DSBROWSER SAS against payment.
  • Authorised User means any person holding a right of access to the Service under the responsibility of a Principal User. The authorized user must be approved by a principal DSBROWSER SAS user.

Visitors, Principal Users and Authorised Users agree to abide by these Terms and the laws of their country of origin related to data and electronic documentation. 

1.3 Description of Services

The Services include:

  • The DSBrowser navigator which provides a secured access to Demat-Store’s servers on Internet, notably for the purpose of Internet navigation, access to and use a private digital space.
  • The User’s private digital space include functions such as :
    • Access from a computer the folders and documents stored on the digital space;
    • Download a document or a URL;
    • Organize the folders and documents (slider, drag and drop, rename…);
    • Search a document by content, name or keyword;
    • Share (allowing additional viewers) by creating a list of people (Authorised Users) who have permission to access the folders and documents you specify, so far as intellectual property rights allow it.

DSBROWSER SAS can check at any time compliance by the user, and general contractual conditions.


2.1: Rights on Site

The entire site, including logos and other images contained therein, is protected by the provisions in force governing intellectual property rights. DSBROWSER SAS is the exclusive owner of all intellectual property rights relating thereto the exclusion of the information given on the basis of the graphic of the User.

Users may download or print pages and / or portions of the Site, provided that it does not delete the entries for the intellectual property rights and other terms regarding property rights and provided that an express attribution has been delivered.

2.2: Rights in Software

All rights, including intellectual property rights relating to software are the exclusive property of DSBROWSER SAS.

These rights are not transferable and cannot be granted in sub-license. These rights are also subject to compliance with these Terms.

2.3: Rights on data and documents created by Users

  • Documents created, filed or submitted by users are their property. Reading permissions and modification come under their responsibility.
  • The content of a document is secret and cannot be read or seen by others, including DSBROWSER SAS staff, without the express permission of the user being the document originator.
  • DSBROWSER SAS keeps available on storage the User’s documents for a certain period of time.
  • All other data, including data related directly to the identification of users, are the exclusive property of DSBROWSER SAS, who reserves the right to use all of the traffic information used in a strictly anonymous and confidential way, including for statistical purposes.


The User is deemed to have read and accepted these Terms at completion of the registration form, and activation of the User License.


Users generally agree to:

  • comply with the technical prerequisites described in the technical documentation of the Services;
  • use Services in accordance with its purpose;
  • use the Services in good faith and without malice.

Users acknowledge the website as time-stamping authority.

4.1 Mandatory information

In order to subscribe to the Services, User undertakes to provide to DSBROWSER SAS accurate contact details. DSBROWSER SAS shall not be liable for any damageable consequence User or any third party could suffer, in case User fails to inform DSBROWSER SAS of any modification in its contact details.

4.2 Access codes

4.2.1 User login and password (hereafter « Access Code ») needed to access the Services, including the website dsbrowser.com and User’s private digital storage are strictly personal and confidential to User. User agrees to keep the User License and not to disclose it to anyone whatsoever. By using his User License, User enjoys a personalised and exclusive access to the Service. Any access to the Service made through the User License shall be deemed to have been done by the User himself, and shall remain his entire responsibility.

4.2.2 In case of loss or theft, or generally in case of diversion of the User License by a third party, User undertakes to give immediate notice at DSBROWSER SAS at the following e-mail address: contact@dsbrowser.com, so DSBROWSER SAS can cancel the User License.

4.3 Specific obligations related to the use of the Internet network

4.3.1.User acknowledges to be fully aware that some data transferred through the Internet network are likely to be subject to intellectual property rights or to infringe legal provisions in force. Accordingly, User shall refrain from transfer, download or upload on Internet any data prohibited, illegal, contrary to the public order or contrary to accepted standards of good behavior, and likely to prejudice the rights of third parties, including but not limited to intellectual property rights.

4.3.2. It is expressely reminded that Internet is not a secure network. Accordingly, User shall be responsible for the protection of his data and software, including, but not limited to contamination by viruses or any malware, or resulting from the intrusion of a third party on the system of his terminal (computer, digital assistant, smartphone…). User shall be responsible for backing up his data and system prior to and following access to the Services.

4.3.3. User acknowledges to be fully aware of the lack of reliability of the Internet network, particularly as regards the security of data transfer and the absence of guaranty of volume and speed of data transfer. User acknowledges to be fully aware that integrity, authentication and confidentiality of data he wishes to exchange on the Internet network cannot be guaranteed on that network.

4.3.4. As regards products and services sold on the Internet network, User sends directly to the provider of such products and services any claim related to the services they provide or the products they sell.

4.3.5. DSBROWSER SAS cautions User on the nature and variety of contents available on the Internet network, some of which could prejudice minors.


  • DSBROWSER SAS is only bound by a best endeavours obligation.
  • DSBROWSER SAS is committed to provide the technical means so as to ensure availability of services to the Users.
  • Potential problems external to the Services provided by DSBROWSER SAS (eg saturation of traffic on the Internet or unavailability of electronic archiving) cannot be taken into account as a case of Service unavailability.
  • DSBROWSER SAS may interrupt availability of the Services for maintenance purposes, or upgrade of computer systems. DSBROWSER SAS shall not be liable for such interruption. Such interruption shall not give rise to any indemnity or damages of any kind whatsoever.
  • Such interruptions on these grounds, however, shall not exceed a reasonably acceptable period and shall not be give rise to any compensation for users, who expressly waive their right to claim.
  • DSBROWSER SAS provides a support service by email, either in French or English, on weekdays from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Paris time.

DSBROWSER SAS shall not be liable for any content available on the Internet network and any damage that could arise from their use, unless such damage is intentionally caused by DSBROWSER SAS. DSBROWSER SAS shall not exercise any control over the content and the data sent or received by User on his private network and/or on the Internet network. However, in order to manage access to the Internet network from its servers, DSBROWSER SAS reserves the right to suppress any User data or to stop any User operation, whether it is likely to disrupt the functioning of its network and/or the Internet network, or it does not comply with DSBROWSER SAS’s policy. As a matter of exception, DSBROWSER SAS shall give access to the User’s data to abide by a proper request made by a judicial authority.

DSBROWSER SAS shall not be liable for the use of data and information User may collect from or send to the Internet network. DSBROWSER SAS accepts no responsibility for the consequences of fraud, abuses, misuse of the Service by User, including but not limited to, intentional or unintentional congestion of the servers of DSBROWSER SAS, that could lead to disruption of those servers.

DSBROWSER SAS shall not be held liable:

  • In case of non-compatibility of a motherboard WLANIEEE 801.11b/g with any WIFI network (including but not limited to non-compatibility resulting from the settings of any computer our card).
  • In case of misuse of the Service by User.
  • In case User does not comply to these Terms.
  • In case User does not comply with the technical prerequisites described in the technical documentation of the Service.
  • In case of disruption of the Internet network that would deny access to a company VPN.
  • In case of force majeure event, as defined by the jurisprudence of the French Court of Cassation.


  • By accepting these Terms, the User agrees that personal data are collected and processed by DSBROWSER SAS.
  • In accordance with the provisions of the Law applicable to personal data, the User enjoys the right to access and rectify his personal data.


  • DSBROWSER SAS cannot be held responsible for malfunctions of its services due to improper use by the User.
  • DSBROWSER SAS cannot be held liable in the event of default, error or illegality committed by the User.


  • Users are solely responsible for any direct or indirect issue or damage, caused to DSBROWSER SAS or third parties, arising from their use of the Services.
  • Users are solely responsible for any direct or indirect issue or damage, resulting from keying the data required for the use of Services.
  • Users are responsible for the content of documents they send, and for assigning access permissions (login and password) to Authorised Users.
  • Any malicious use of the Services may be subject to legal action by DSBROWSER SAS.


Users can download documents in their private digital space as long as their subscription allows them enough storage capacity to do so. A gauge is intended for Users so they can check how much spare storage capacity is left.


DSBROWSER SAS and User agree that in any litigation only DSBROWSER SAS’s systems shall qualify as time-stamping authority. In this regard, the User and DSBROWSER SAS recognize the legal validity and probative value of DSBROWSER SAS systems as time-stamping authority.


  • Communication costs for access and usage of the Services via Internet shall be borne by the User, regardless of any payment made by the User to enjoy the Services.
  • The cost of services is published in the public rate of DSBROWSER SAS. The subscription costs and other costs are subject to change without prior notice.
  • The provision of the Services to the User is conditioned to prior full payment of subscription by the User.


12-1: Termination for non-compliance

Failure by DSBROWSER SAS or the User to comply with its obligations under these Terms entitles the other party to terminate its commitments as of right, without prejudice to the damages it could seek. Termination will take effect immediately at reception of a registered letter with an acknowledgement of receipt.

12-2: Consequences of termination

It is expressly agreed between the User and DSBROWSER SAS that in case of termination of agreement as per article 12.1, for any reason whatsoever, the User retains ownership of the data he has entrusted to DSBROWSER SAS. DSBROWSER SAS will issue or restitute any dematerialized documents stored on the User’s private digital space, in a usable form than cannot be altered, such as a non-recordable DVD or any other easily exploitable support.


If any of these provisions is declared invalid or unenforceable under any law, regulation or following the final decision of a competent jurisdiction, it shall be deemed unwritten.

However, the other provisions remain in full force and effect, unless they are not dissociable from the invalid provision. DSBROWSER SAS and the User may, by mutual agreement, agree to replace the invalid provisions by way of endorsement.


The acceptance of these Terms does not mean and shall not be construed as referring DSBROWSER SAS or any of its staff or employees assigned to perform the relevant services as agent, representative or employee of the user, for any purpose whatsoever.


These Terms are governed by and construed in accordance with French Law.

In case of a dispute concerning the interpretation, training or performance of these Terms and failing to have reached an amicable settlement, mediation or a transaction, only the courts of the French Republic are competent, parties agree to provide express and exclusive jurisdiction of French law.

DSBROWSER SAS - Terms and conditions of Service - 17/02/2015