DSBrowser, anoymous and invisible browsing to surf seamlessly the internet!DSBrowser
Control access to DSBrowser

If DSBrowser is installed on an USB key
Nomadicity - Access DSBrowser from any computer
yes yes
Session opening with user Login /Password yes yes
Real time checking of DSBrowser servers availability yes yes
Clock indicating the length of your current session yes yes
Double Level Authentication with a USB device no yes
Automatic opening option - Connect without having to type in your Login/Password no yes
Secure through VPN all the internet-based applications of your computer (surf, emails, VoIP, P2P, games…) IP masking - French and International servers no yes - VPN
Encrypted tunnel for all internet-based applications of the computer used no yes - VPN
Surf the internet with DSBrowser

Encrypted tunnel for internet surfing with DSBrowser no yes - VPN
IP masking - French and International servers yes - Proxy yes - VPN and Proxy
Browser masking - Trackers blocking yes yes
Mask DSBrowser as another browser yes yes
Ad blocking - French servers - daily update yes yes
Immediate secure erase of the current internet page without leaving DSBrowser yes yes
Virtual keyboard yes yes
Secure erase of downloads yes yes
Manage how long you keep browsing history yes yes
Internet downloads management yes yes
Icon indicating the level of security of browsing yes yes
Favourite websites management - URLs and thumbnails yes yes
Store in DSBrowser Cloud

Encrypted tunnel to access, upload, download to DSBrowser Cloud yes yes
Store URL links (websites addresses) yes yes
Finder with unlimited arborescence yes yes
Embedded PDF reader independant from computer used yes yes
Smart Cloud - Manage Metadata, Logins and Passwords yes yes
Search function in DSBrowser Cloud yes yes
Store documents, files, photos, videos no yes
Synchronisation of items stored in DSBrowser Cloud no yes
Bar indicator of DSBrowser Cloud space used no yes
Management of uploads to / downloads from DSBrowser Cloud no yes
Cut and Paste from the computer Finder to DSBrowser Cloud no yes
Share your documents
in DSBrowser safe environment

Invite your friends to join DSBrowser community yes yes
Manage sharing rights for your documents and URLs yes - URLs only yes
Sponsor 3 friends and win 3 months AGILE package yes yes
Add a contact - create a sharing group yes yes
Access documents shared by other DSBrowser users yes yes
Understanding DSBrowser packages: Functions available without time restriction:
You don't need to renew your package to keep on using them!
"Anonymous and Invisible" options
available for the duration
of your package