Double Level Authentication : enhanced access control to your DSBrowser safe environment

What is Double Level Authentication?

This method of authentication when connecting is mainly used by the banking sector. When Double Level Authentication is activated, 4 steps are required in order to connect with DSBrowser:


  • Key in your login,
  • Then your password,
  • DSBrowser identifies your
    user license,
  • Then reads the internal of your USB key, every 500 milliseconds throughout your browsing session.

Take out your USB key, the browsing window disappears instantly leaving no visible trace of DSBrowser on the computer screen.

Double Level Authentication with DSBrowser AGILE

With the DSBrowser AGILE package, Double Level Authentication can be activated at any time on any USB device (Key, Flash memory, External hard drive…) from the Dashboard tab / My Package.

From then, in order to access your DSBrowser environment, you will need to connect the USB device on which Double Level Authentication is activated, in addition to keying in your Login/Password.

You may then opt for the automatic connection of DSBrowser from a computer you will have specified. As our servers will identify your Double Level Authentication USB device and a physical code of the computer specified, you won’t have to type in your Login/Password at each connection.

Double Level Authentication function is only available with the DSBrowser AGILE package.

DSBrowser nomadic + Double Level Authentication = DSBrowser Security Key

If you have installed DSBrowser on a USB key for a nomadic use, we recommend you to activate Double Level Authentication on that key.